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Eng. Nasser Abdullah ِAbdulaziz Alradyan
Water Requirements Estimate for Irrigation via Internet-Based Computer Program
Eng. Mohamed Abdelazeem Mohamed Yassin
Modeling Daily Evapotranspiration using Artificial Neural Networks and Gene Expression Programming under Hyper Arid Conditions
Eng. Assem Ibrahim Mohamed Zein El-Abedein
Evaluation of Water Barricading Techniques on Water Distribution Pattern in Root Zone Under Subsurface Drip Irrigation System
Eng. Mahmoud Maher Shaaban El-Adl
The Effect Intermittent Flow and Physical Barrir on Water Distribution Pattern and Crop Yield Under Subsurface Drip Irrigation
Eng. Ahmed Fawzy Mohamed Mashaly
Capacity Determination of Solar Desalination System to Meet Water Requirements in Greenhouses
Eng. Shereif Hassan Abdellah Mahmoud
Identification of Potential Water Harvesting Sites in Al-Baha Region Using Remote Sensing and GIS Approaches

Eng. Ahmed Zakaria Ismail Attia Dewidar

Assessment of Smart Irrigation Techniques Used in Management of Irrigation Systems under Arid Conditions